Which Personality Type Is Your Ideal Partner?

People with an INFJ personality type are typically warm and considerate of their significant other in a relationship. They feel deeply for their partner and express their love because they enjoy it. Derek is the CEO and Co-Founder of Boo, an MBTI-based social/dating app. He is the most viewed Quora writer on the Myers Briggs and an expert on the relationship between personality and attraction. His mission is to help people make friends and find dates who understand and appreciate them for who they are naturally.

More often than not, individuals with similarities in the Decision-Making Preference will tend to enter friendships or work camaraderie’s more quickly or more easily than two individuals of differing preferences. Interestingly, this is not the case with romantic or intimate relationships, as individuals will often find themselves attracted to their opposites. As friends, people with INFP preferences tend to value authenticity and depth above all else. They will often reserve their true personality—their innermost self—for a select few people.

Their approach to dating is equally logistical, the Spencers say, and goal-oriented. And yet (are you sensing a theme?) it doesn’t mean you should rule out certain types of introverts. In fact, there may be some types that’d really click with you. Folks who are ESTJ , aka the Executive, are the most compatible with ESTP and ESFJ types, according to Tanaka.

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As the two partners become more comfortable with each other, Consuls are often open to experimenting and trying new things, so long as their partners are willing to reciprocate. If they feel like this support isn’t there, such as when their partners deliver criticism, Consuls can feel extremely hurt. People with the Consul personality type dislike conflict and criticism, which can make it challenging to address any problems that come up. Nothing is more hurtful or depressing to Consuls than to realize that their partners don’t respect their dreams or opinions. Consuls can be surprisingly tough and tireless in the face of hardship, but they need to know without a doubt that their partners are behind them 100%. With such a goal in mind, Consul personalities take each stage, from dating to everything thereafter, very seriously.

There are 16 different types of people in the world, as determined by the creators of the questionnaire, and it’s been proven to be extremely accurate. Out of all the sites and apps out there, OkCupid is a very forward-progressive site that is very focused on self-understanding and reflection. In fact, their massive, in-depth personality questionnaire in many ways is similar to soul-searching questions on the MBTI test itself. Because of that, it makes for a great place for MBTI enthusiastics to use their knowledge and perception to the best of its ability. For professionals in the working adult world, EliteSingles is the best site to match with others who are close to your level of success and ambition. Many times, online dating is compared to no-life losers in their mom’s basement, which is entirely false, the harmful stereotype for online dating.

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They both have an Intuitive-Thinking core and make stimulating and exciting partners for each other. They enjoy deep discussions with each other and don’t get bogged down by their mutual dislike for emotions. Both personality types also share a preference for stability and trust in relationships. Once personality type is determined, dating apps provide charts displaying the most and least compatible personality types.

We have tons of additional resources for each personality type. Whatever your (or your partner’s) type, your personality traits should guide you to something fun and outside of the box. “The Myers-Briggs assessment indicates your preferred way of doing certain things; it does not indicate your ability to do those things,” the Spencers say.

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Although it gets a bad rap for being just a hookup app, Tinder could be a great place for the diplomats to flex their attractive personalities and leverage the massive amount of users to their romantic advantage. Navigating the world of dating apps can sometimes be disheartening, but let’s be honest — most people see it as a necessary evil. Meeting someone “in the wild” is a rare occurrence, especially in this slightly more antisocial post-lockdown era, so meeting a potential partner in the virtual world seems more likely.

When they do find themselves in a relationship, Defenders are – in a word – committed. People with this personality type find great fulfillment in sharing their time, energy, and affection with another person, and as partners, they tend to be incredibly generous and supportive. They don’t take their relationships lightly, and they don’t give up easily – even when challenges inevitably arise. This MBTI-centered app works similarly to the others but also has a feature to test compatibility with friends.