11 Reasons Why Guys Act Distant When They Like You

I don’t want to loose him, but I want him happy. I don’t want to tell him not to see he friends, I just don’t know if I can trust the situation. Sometimes guys distance themselves after intimacy for reasons that are out of your control.

Ask them what they’re feeling

Better than settling for something that’s less than the real thing. Better than settling for someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Because there really is someone out there who will treat you better than that.

Until recently, I’ve turned down guys who have asked me out b/c I know it will take a mature, mentally strong male to understand me, and be ok with my always ‘being busy’. Sure I could cancel my social events every so often for him (and if I’m into the guy, I know I would). I use my ‘busy-ness’ to test guys, so I know if they will be whining and whimpering to see me all the time, or if they can do their own thing. Thannks Eric for the very thoughtful feedback.

He Might Also Be Too Emotionally Unavailable for Any Serious Commitment

Someone who’s waiting for you to come along as much as you’re waiting for him. And do it without hard feelings, since it truly is a gift. After getting a little space and distance from the relationship yourself, you may find that you’ve gained more clarity and realize that it’s not all that after all. If you’re not ready to tackle things head-on just yet, there’s another good option. Maybe he’s had some stressful situations at work that have had him preoccupied. Or maybe he’s had some personal or family health issues that he hasn’t felt comfortable discussing yet.

Perhaps someone in his family is ill, and he needs to be with them, or he has an important project to work on and does not want to be distracted. There could be many reasons that could be keeping him from messaging you or talking to you. This may not mean he has lost interest in you. It is just that his mind is occupied, and he has other stuff to deal with. Much as this guy seems smitten by you, perhaps he feels the same for a few other women.

While they do enjoy being in a relationship, they don’t like the emotional aspects of a relationship. The desire to be alone does not mean that he wants to end the relationship. He just wants some space and time to relieve the pressure. They focus more on internal thoughts and feelings instead of seeking external stimuli. When the partner does not show any interest in intimacy, he will feel that he is not desired. Lack of romance makes him revert to his basic traits – being cold and distant.

Is It Bad if He Goes a Day Without Talking to You? It Depends…

I’ve been doing my own thing and focusing on myself. Because as you said in previous articles match his level commitment to yours. I accepted another invitation for thanksgiving, and now I stopped contacting him. He has sent a message every day saying hello and hoping my day is fine.

These guys don’t just walk away from friendships easily—they tend to hold on to good friends for a long time, so he’ll stay by your side. He might be feeling hurt or afraid of starting a new relationship too quickly. Then again he may have relationship issues in his personal life which make him start acting distant. I wouldn’t specifically recommend making yourself unavailable. I would recommend not needing him to do something, be around, be a certain way, etc.

Paddock acted alone, investigators said, and meticulously planned the attack. This time-out might make him miss you and think about you. And you too can cheer up and take your mind off him for some time. Do not force your interests and hobbies is kissy dating safe on him. For example, if you love rollercoasters, while your partner dreads them, do not insist upon his sharing in this activity. Pressuring a man in the name of love will dampen his relationship enthusiasm, and might push him away.

You might start getting really excited by this prospect that you and this guy will have a relationship, but this particular guy has specifically said he doesn’t want a relationship. Before I can talk about a guy withdrawing, I need to talk about relationships in general. Brittanie is a southern belle born and raised in North Carolina. She of British, Irish and Filipino descent, and she is married to a Filipino man. Brittanie has learned quite a bit about marriage and relationships. She shares her advice on her blog Britta’s Walk the Talk.